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The Hague Rickshaw tour

With this tour you will not only see The Hague, you will Enter In Style, precisely like the hometown royal family does it every year in their royal carriage. Only forget about the horses, your driver is human supported by green energy electricity. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the full experience and all the relevant stories of The Hague. From the historic centre, to the forests with the royal palace, gardens and WW2 bunkers, to the beach and beyond, and back to town, where you can always ask your rickshaw driver where to go next.

Wave at the common people if you feel like, why not, whilst your driver will take you to all of the hot spots you need to see and tell you all about the history and where to go nowadays. You will travel powered by 100% Dutch leg-. solar and wind energy, silent and stylish! 

€ 45,- p.p. 
> 1-2 persons (for now) 
> Unlimited time and options
> Social distancing, outdoors, limited groups, exercise!

 For bookings or more info, get in touch! 
Contact:   Jurjen Simmelink
Phone:      0642324517
Email:       contact@enterthehague.com
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