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Hello, we are Enter The Hague

a team of passionate locals with various backgrounds and interests, and we still decided to start working together. Typical The Hague!

Personalities & expertise

Julia is our multi-lingual force with a background of knowledge; full of facts, fun and friendliness. She is out there On Foot!

Jurjen is our ever optimistic, active and creative storyteller. Entering the Hague is simple, if you can keep up with him By Bike!


Although we are fully into fun, craziness and personal growth, we acknowledge the reality of the current Covid-19 virus situation and we follow the national instruction and uphold personal responsibilities, so that every person goes home safe!    


Our team members have different roots, heritage and various educational backgrounds. 

With completely different motivations, besides loving our city, we decided to team up anyway. Typical The Hague.


Besides loving our hometown, enjoying a broad local network, sincerely opposing all the things that go wrong within the city of The Hague, appreciating it's freedom, independence and it's international effort for peace and justice.