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The story of 
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A team of passionate local experts, with various ethnic and professional backgrounds, networks and personal interests... and somehow, we decided to work together. 

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About our Golden Team
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Enter On Foot

The international city of peace and justice is safe, open-minded, creative and it's centre is a great example of a place where you can see and feel that individual freedom is a basic right. This did not happen to be so out of the blue, but it is a result of the city's history and it's role within the Dutch nation. The wonderful thing is, that the cultural sites and architecture are still here to help us tell that story! 

Experience the variety of the city and people and let us help you find the hot spots for your own personal interests. Travel through time - all in walking distance! 

Enter By Bike

Be ready to interact, because you will be not only be actively taking part in the tour by moving your legs, we will get you guessing, matching, and maybe even winning! Our guide will tell you about The Hague's interesting historical figures and architecture, as well as what is hot and happening today.

So after we take a coffee break when we finish, you'll know exactly where to go!

Enter The Art

We are going to let you see as many as of this modern day gems as possible. Meanwhile, let's make some cool pics for your socials, maybe it is high time for that new cool profile pic. 

Enter In Style

Wave at the common people if you feel like, why not, whilst your driver will take you to all of the hot spots you need to see and tell you all about the history and where to go nowadays. You will travel powered by 100% Dutch leg-. solar and wind energy, silent and stylish!