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If you're visiting the Hague and only have 24-hours, we've got 5 reasons why it will be worth your time. The Hague has a rich history dating back to the 17th century, making this city an interesting destination for anyone interested in art or architecture. It is also home to many museums that are dedicated to topics such as fashion, natural sciences, and maritime history. For those who love food - don’t worry! There are plenty of restaurants serving traditional Dutch cuisine as well as international fare. And if you feel like getting some exercise while exploring the city center there's no better option than cycling through its beautiful canals!
reasons to visit the hague: city of peace and justice

1. The city is home to the International Court of Justice

The Hague is home to the International Court of Justice, which has been at the forefront of international law since it was established in 1899. In addition to the court, there are also 6 other main United Nations organisations headquartered in what is known as "the peace palace" including the World Health Organisation (WHO).

2. The Royal Palace and National Museum make for a great day trip

reasons to visit the hague: architecture

A day trip to the Hague wouldn't be complete without a stop at 2 of the places that are most iconic for the city: the Royal Palace and National Museum.

The Royal Palace, situated on what's called "Noordeinde Palace" and is where you can visit what's called "the state rooms".

In contrast, the National Museum gives visitors a chance to explore what's known as "Het Pompoortere", which was originally built in 1244 to represent what was then the enormous extent of what was then known as Holland. It houses what's described as one of Europe's greatest collections of objects from all periods - spanning from prehistoric times to the Roman Empire.

3. Take in the Dutch architecture at one of the many museums or even just on your walk around town.

The Hague is home to what's called "the Peace Palace".

This building was completed in 1913 and what it contains are the six main United Nations organisations including what's known as WHO.

In addition, many of The Hagues' buildings were designed by renowned Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage who developed what he referred to as a 'New Style'. As one might expect, this style is based on inspiration from ancient Greek architecture with strong geometric shapes and clean lines.

Berlage also has an award winning design that includes what's called "Hague School" which you'll recognise for its red brick facade. One of his most famous designs is Central Station (now simply called Scheveningen), which

4. Explore the vast tulip fields that are blooming each spring.

The Hague is also home to what's called "Haagse Bos" which translates as 'Hague Woods'.

This forested area covers what would be considered about one-third of the city!

Inside this forest, you'll find what are known as the world famous tulip fields. These flowery meadows bloom each April and May for what's described by locals as a great time to visit The Hagues.

Another option during springtime is exploring what's called Scheveningen with its beach and casino (we have a separate post on that!) but it should definitely be noted if visiting in summer or fall because those seasons can get quite hot.

However, don't worry - there are plenty

reasons the visit the hague: tulips

5. Visit Scheveningen beach, which has been voted as one of Europe's best beaches.

The Hague isn't what's considered a "beach town" - but it does have what many people consider to be one of the best beaches in Europe.

What most love about Scheveningen is that unlike what you would find on other beaches, this coastal area has more than just sand and beautiful clear water: there are also rocks and dunes which make for an unforgettable experience.

It should be noted though if visiting during summer or fall because those seasons can get quite hot, so keep your swimsuit at hand!

In addition to being known as what some might call "Europe's Best Beach", Scheveningen is home to what locals refer to as Holland's oldest casino.

beach scheveningen

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More frequent asked questions

Is it worth visiting The Hague?

We have five reasons why you should spend your time in what's considered the second largest city of Holland. The Hague is home to what we consider one of Europe's best beaches, Scheveningen, and what many people would call "the most iconic attractions". There are also plenty of things for nature lovers as well with a forested area that covers about one-third of the city!

What is The Hague famous for?

The Hague is what's considered the second largest city in Holland, which was once just known as "Holland".

It houses what many people would call one of Europe's best beaches called Scheveningen. What makes this beach so special are rocks and dunes that make for a great experience unlike what you'd find on other beaches where it's all sand. Along with being home to what we consider to be "the most iconic attractions" - such as The Peace Palace - there are also tulip fields blooming each April and May if visiting during springtime (but keep your swimsuit handy).

Is The Hague safe at night?

Just because what we consider the most iconic attractions - such as The Peace Palace and Central Station (now called Scheveningen) - are located in what's considered a more "urban setting" doesn't mean that visitors should be worried about safety.

The Hague is what many people would refer to as being one of Europe's safest cities, so you can visit at night without any worries!

Is The Hague beautiful?

 Yes. The Hague is what people refer to as the second largest city of Holland, what we consider "the most iconic attractions" and what one of Europe's best beaches. It houses what many people consider to be "Holland".