8 Things to do in The Hague

02.08.21 02:21 PM By Dennis

The Hague is a beautiful, historic city in the Netherlands with many things to offer. From parks and gardens to museums and monuments, there are plenty of activities for visitors and locals alike. Here are eight must-see places to explore when visiting this lovely city!

things to do in The Hague binnenhof

Things to do in The Hague: Het Binnenhof

This building is used by many political parties in the Netherlands including, but not limited to, the Ministry of General affairs. The Binnenhof is the oldest parliament building still in use.

Originally constructed in the 1200’s, not much is known of this place's early history. However it soon became an important meeting spot for international politics during the 1600’s. 

Today you can explore the historic Binnenhof and enjoy the beautiful architecture and history of this monumental building. Things to do in The Hague:  Guided tours of the House of Representatives are also available.

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What is special about the hague?

Den Haag is the only major city located directly on the North Sea coast. The city offers many monuments, luxurious hotels and a political heart. On the historic Binnenhof, the Dutch government facilities are located and on Noordeinde resides the palace of king. An overview of things to do in The Hague following

things to do in the hague peace palace

Things to do in The Hague: Peace Palace

The Peace Palace, designed by architect Van Asperen de Boer, is a beautiful building in the Hague that houses various branches of law administration. The palace has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is open to the public during business hours.

The palace has an in-house visitors centre and there are tours which show one the rare paintings and pieces of furniture. Is another thing to do in The Hague.

things to do in the hague prison gate

Things to do in The Hague: Prison gate museum

This is a former prison, which housed people who had committed atrocious crimes from as early as 1420. The museum gives an insightful and chilling look at crime, punishment, and the penal system throughout the years--and what an old jail cell block would have looked like.

There are guided tours available at a discounted price, these can be purchased for the Dutch or English language an another of the interesting things to do in The Hague.

For an enlightening glimpse into the history of crime and punishment, visit the Prison Gate Museum.

Although The Hague is a very important city, it is not the capital. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are all function as capital cities in one way or another.

The Hague is the home of many Dutch things and it deserves its own article. Making your way to The Hague is simple as it is connected by train from Schiphol Airport, which connects multiple times daily with other major cities in the Netherlands.


The Ridderzaal is the central focal point of the Binnenhof, standing within a wonderful Hall of Knights courtyard.

The building itself has housed parliament openings by ministers and hosted royal receptions.The Ridderzaal was originally built in a Gothic style with symmetrical towers on either side of the arched entrance and is highly decorative with many stained glass windows. The ornate throne is centrally located inside, and it would be perfect for taking a photo opportunity would be a cool thing to do in The Hague.

Next, we recommend you visit the Ridderzaal courtyard which is named after its architect and contains a beautiful Neogothic fountain dating back to the 1600s.

things to do in the hague street art
things to do in the hague madurodam

Things to do in The Hague: Madorudam

Madurodam Model City is a popular-attraction in the Hague that contains a large model of various parts of the Netherlands. All of the buildings, vehicles, people and trees etc are recreated at 1:25 scale with a unbelievable amount of detail.

The park opened in 1952 and has seen changes over the years to accommodate modern technology. Various sections of the model city include the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), the Binnenhof, Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam's port and wind turbines. 

This city has something for everyone, and it is a delight to spend time here.

Things to do in The Hague: Panorama Mesdag

The Mesdag museum was created by Hendrik Willem Mesdag in his house. Hendrik and his wife collected art positioned mainly on painters from The Hague. It is a renowned museum of art with a collection of paintings and sculptures from various Dutch artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Anton Mauve.

The Mesdag Panorama Museum is one of the most important attractions in The Hague. Next to its twin building, which houses many other museums, this museum has a huge painting that covers over 120 meters in circumference.

Things to do in The Hague: Mauritshuis Museum

The Mauritshuis Museum is a must-see for travelers interested in art. The museum's collection of art includes some famous pieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Rubens.

The collection contains over 800 objects and most of them come from the Dutch Golden Age. The Rijksmuseum houses collections from various parts of Dutch history. Highlights include "At home in Holland," "A generous gesture," and more. The collection is always changing and additions to the collection are mainly made through privately donated objects.


The Hague is a beautiful city in the Netherlands that offers things to see and do for visitors. There are many things to explore, from historic sites like Peace Palace or museums and monuments such as Mauritshuis Museum. If you're looking for ways to spend time exploring The Hague during your stay, we recommend checking out these 8 things!

Or, to shorten the process and have someone guide you around, there are tours available. These tours are lead by local tour guides who live in the Hague. Tours typically cost around 30€, though they do vary depending on things like number of people or things to see. This is a great way to explore The Hague without having to try and figure out things yourself.

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