5 tips what to do in The Hague in winter

27.08.21 06:09 PM By Dennis

The Hague is a beautiful city to visit at any time of the year. But what do you do in The Hague in winter? There are many things that tourists can explore and enjoy when they come during this season.

Whether it's visiting museums, going on day trips to cities nearby, or checking out what nightlife 

The Hague has to offer, there are plenty of activities for people who want something more than just sitting around all day long! In this post I'll give 5 tips about what you should be doing when you're coming here during the colder months.

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things to do in the hague in winter

1 - Museums

Museums are a great way to enjoy what The Hague has to offer during the winter months. From world-class art collections in the Mauritshuis, to exploring what life was like for Dutch royalty at Huis ten Bosch, there is something here for everyone!

Museums are also an ideal place to keep warm and cozy when it’s cold outside, one of the fun things to do. Come inside and explore what makes this city so special! 

The Mauritshuis

Located in the heart of The Hague, right next to the government centre, it has a compact and world-renowned collection that’s perfect for people who want something more than just sitting around all day long! From world-class art collections in the Mauritshuis to exploring what life was like for Dutch royalty at Huis ten Bosch, there is something here for everyone! Come inside and explore what makes this city so special.

Girl with the pearl

Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring is what people typically refer to as a 'Dutch Girl'. What distinguishes Vermeer's painting from others is the sense of purpose and leisure. The girl in the painting has just seen something that's caught her interest but she doesn't have any obligations to attend to what ever it may be. Her rich gown and elegant pose show what life was like for Dutch royalty at Huis ten Bosch, which was technically what they were depicting in the painting.

Escher Museum

M.C. Escher, what a guy! He is so cool and he has some really awesome art that I can't stop looking at. I'm not the only one who loves him either- his work has been studied by mathematicians, film makers, architects and anyone else in between! We have a lot of cool stuff to show you about this dude's life and what it takes to be as creative as he was (spoiler alert: it's hard work!)

Museum Overview: The museum in the city centre is filled with all sorts of things including an interactive exhibition where you can learn what it feels like to be an artist, paintings and sketches from when M.C. Escher was alive (he would have loved these).

and what it feels like to be him! What I love most is that we have an in-depth look at what goes into making a M.C Escher painting even possible, and you can learn about the amazing tools he used too. 

The prison gate museum

When you have the time make sure to visit this museum!

The Prison Gate Museum in The Hague tells the story of crime and punishment from the 15th to the 19th century. Four centuries of imprisonment, interrogation and punishment. Discover what it would have been like for suspects who were incarcerated in prison cells and what it was like to be a judge during this time period. Whether you're interested in what life was like as a millenial or what crimes were punishable by death then and now, there is something here for everyone!

Adults and children are challenged to think about the relationship between crime, trial and punishment. Then and now. We do this by alternating the objects with audiovisual deepening, story-lines with real characters and an interactive game in which children can become the judge for a day.

The Prison Gate Museum is open all year round and the perfect thing to do in The Hague when it's winter and there are a lot of things to see.

things to do in the hague

2 - Ice skating Uithof

What is more Dutch then actually going ice skating. If you are lucky it will be freezing in the winter and the water will be frozen enough to actually ice skate in the canals of The Netherlands.

Unfortunatey this doesn't happen every year, but there are alternatives! In all those years we have received millions of visitors. We are therefore proud to once again be in sixth place in the list of most visited Dutch day attractions, according to a publication by NBTC Holland Marketing and Responds released in 2018. To offer our visitors what they need: adventure; De Uithof also has a restaurant and bar. In combination with what we offer: wide range of activities, De Uithof is therefore what you're looking for a complete day out. 

3 - A guided tour in in The Hague

Even if it's cold and might rain, there are several tours worth taking in The Hague. From a food tour to an 'Active Winter Warmers' tour, we have something for everyone! 

The city of The Hague is home to all types of hidden gems from historical sites like museums and cultural attractions such as the Dutch royal palaces that make this destination unique. We know where these places are located so whether you want more history or active events - let us help plan your day out on our local knowledge here at Enter Den Haag!

things to do in the hague in winter

4 - Legoland

During the winter, families should consider visiting the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen. At this attraction, kids have an opportunity to build, play and learn through interactive exhibits of LEGO(R) bricks that include Duplo®, Ninjago(TM), and Friends(TM).

For a large and fun LEGO area, there is a 4D cinema with more LEGO options and an exciting attraction ride through a town with thousands of LEGO pieces that represent The Hague.

 5 - Royal Christmas Fair

Boasting seven different markets, the Hague has a variety of Christmas time events to offer tourists. Voorhout is particularly festive and colorful, as it is home to the Royal Christmas Fair from December 9th-22nd.

For those intending to visit The Hague during the winter, consider visiting some of the city’s Christmas markets. During December, there are 5 different Christmas Markets in The Hague that will provide visitors with a memorable experience regardless of which one you choose.

Visitors can experience The Hague's winter and Christmas spirit with a visit to the Royal Christmas Fair, open daily from 12 to 9 pm.


If you're an avid traveler and want to take a tour of what The Hague has to offer, check out what we have available on our site. We pride ourselves in providing visitors with what they need: adventure!  We are always looking for ways that you can experience the city's history or active events like ice skating Uithof. What would be better then experiencing all these different aspects of what The Hague has to offer at once? If this sounds perfect for your next vacation destination, let us know what kind of tour interests you most so we can help plan your day out from start-to-finish!

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